Sunday, December 6, 2009

Worklist in the Boatyard

While Callisto is in storage in Deltaville, VA, we have arranged with the boatyard to tackle a couple of projects.

Solar Panels
This is a terrific way to generate electricity on a boat.  Our electric needs are small, but running the main engine to generate electricity is a waste of fuel and creates wear and tear on the engine.

We have purchased two 135 watt and one 85 watt solar panels, along with a controller.  At anchor, these should supply most or all of our electricity.  While on a passage, the current required for the autopilot and radar will mean that we will still have to run the engine occasionally.  The solar panels will be mounted above the bimini (sunshade over the cockpit), where they are out of the way of any shadows.

Chartplotter at Helm
When we ordered the boat, we decided to try getting along with a single chartplotter, mounted at the navigation station, below.  This was OK, but it was more than a bit of a pain to run down the companionway when we had a question about our route.  So we are breaking down and buying a second smaller unit, mounted at the helm.