Saturday, November 19, 2016

Grenada to Carriacou

We’ve been on Callisto since the 7th of November.  The time has passed quickly, we’ve been working hard (at least David has been) and having some fun as well.

First of all, yes, the weather has been quite good.  Some hard rains, but WARM…30⁰C (86⁰F).  That is also the temperature of the ocean.  It is good to see Grenada looking very green and lush.

David had a very bad cold when we arrived, and is still coughing a bit, but carried on in spite of feeling cruddy.  He installed a new solar panel, skills needed--carpentry, metal working and electrical expertise.  No parts fell in the ocean and we now have a total of 495 Watts of solar power.  Yippee!  

Last week we worked with “Hands Across the Sea” in the Boca Secondary School library.  The library has received over 1,000 books that needed to be catalogued and receive “check out” cards.   “Hands” delivers NEW books and we were very impressed by the topics for all reading levels.  Carlene, the librarian seems to have a good relationship with the students, and all seemed eager for the books to be ready for use.

We moved from Prickly Bay to St. George’s bay this past Tuesday in anticipation of sailing up to Carriacou.  This takes a little time off the trip, plus we wanted to make sure that the first time of putting up the sails was not under any time pressure.  We left about 8:30 with the weather a bit iffy in terms of rain showers.  We managed to scoot along just in front or just behind them.  

We’ll be here until Monday or Tuesday, and then move on to Bequia.  Yesterday we went snorkeling, since David’s sinuses are not yet up to a scuba dive.  I finally learned how to “duck” down with my snorkel to get closer to the underwater sights.  
This afternoon David and I are helping Diane at the Lumba Dive dive shop with swimming lessons.  She teaches swimming to Carriacou children and is helping prepare some of the kids for competition.  In the summer she had over 60 children participating.  We are expecting about 30 today.  Should be fun, and we’ll see if photos are ok to post.  

PS--we have been struggling with slow internet, here's what someone else thinks, too.


Eve's Fund for Native American Health Initiatives, Inc. said...

Wonderful to hear from you. How great that you volunteered at the local level. Do you think you will find some turkey to eat on Thanksgiving? Turns out we are going to Newport for Christmas.
Keep your blogs coming and try to catch up with us on #GivingTuesday, Nov. 29, 2016. We are giving away an Apple iPad Air 2.
Warm regards to you both.

missbee said...

Hi Gretchen and David, Happy Thanksgiving!
We're off tomorrow to Naples where we'll stay a few weeks.
Fair winds, smooth sailing.
Beata and Walti

Hilla Krüger said...

Hiya Gretchen & David! // Lovely Hearing from you & to know that everything's "smooth sailing"! I was in the eastern part of CH on Saturday & believe it or not, night temperature was 19°!!!! It's still pretty warm in LU too. // If you see any cricket, pl. think of me. Used to see every West Indian Team when they visited India! // Take care - Keep safe & have fun! Fond love. =Hilla=

Anonymous said...

Good morning and Happy Thansgiving to you both. Lovely to read about you. I am busy with the last preparations for our trip and am thrilled to hear about the weather and the water temnperature. Looking forward spending time with you soon. Hugs, Catherine and Heikki

Mary Plumb said...

Hi you two! Hope sailing continues to be smooth...
We are moved in to our home; its looking great! We are short all things glass; ie shower stalls, mirrors, frosted cabinet doors; as well as a few specialty interior doors. But we did host four couples fri nite for thanksgiving feast, which prompted me to get the house in order quickly.
Scott and i are both working two days a week; hes driving for a concierge service at telluride and im a barista at a local coffee joint.
Loving it here...the sun has shone every day but two since oct 5!!
Miss you guys! Have fun and be safe!