Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ponce, Puerto Rico

We are fully recovered from our passage, and so is Callisto.  The wind generator,  heads (toilets) functional, reefing line and chafe point fixed and caught up on sleep and Internet!

We walked to the local chandlery to get bolts and look for the new reefing line.  The store called another shop and directed us to another location ----and got a bit lost on the way.  David was checking his app when an old VW Beetle with an even older driver drove by.  Bill and I both expressed our admiration for the car and its perfect condition.  The driver offered to help us find our way, and ended up driving slowly along to make sure we were on track.  After a few blocks he stopped in front of a bar, and gestured for us to join him.  It was his "local" and he bought us a beer, told us his life story-47 years with GE around the world installing big generators.  

We then proceeded to our destination and turned around to get back to the boat.  It started pouring!  A woman offered us shelter on her porch, but we said no thanks, thinking that the squall would let up soon-Wrong!  After about five more minutes, the woman from the porch drove alongside and told us to get in her car.  Her name was Dahlia, she was going to have 30 to 40 people for Thanksgiving, had worked in Jacksonville Florida...another five minute life story.

Subsequently, we have learned that the people of Ponce take a lot of pride in being known as friendly and fun.

Next post...Bill joins a local regatta and food news.


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Eve's Fund for Native American Health Initiatives, Inc. said...

Love your story. Did they invite you for Thanksgiving? Will you eat turkey?