Sunday, March 22, 2015

Laying Up

We are currently in Curaçao, in a slip at the marina, working through our chores list for putting Callisto away for the summer.  We make a to-do list each year, using the prior year's list as a starting point and modifying as appropriate.

We divide the chores into two groups:  Those that can or must be done while we are in the water, and those that must be done after we haul out and move off the boat.  Some chores are necessary to maintain the boat's systems in good order while we are gone, for instance putting preservative in our watermaker.  Some are just routine maintenance, and we use this time each year to perform them.  And finally, many chores are simply getting everything clean and (more or less) tidy for our return. 

We don't overdo the latter.  The boat is always pretty cluttered while we are gone, since so many things that normally  live outside are brought inside for storage (e.g. sails).  Plus, boatyards are dusty places, and that dust will accumulate inside and out while we are gone.

This year we had 46 items on the to-do list, 33 of which are pre-haul, and the rest post-haul.  This isn't quite complete, since we always remember important things to do that never made it onto the list.  We have allotted five days in the water, and two days in the yard to complete all this.  We will move off the boat as soon as we haul, so that means two nights in a hotel.

Our cruising friends think this is packing way too much into a too limited time.  We certainly don't have any time for sightseeing, etc., while we're working.  But we prefer to get it over with.  The transition between boat life and land life is pretty disruptive, and we are eager to get it behind us.

Anyway, here's our list for 2015:

Clean & Stow Dinghy 17-Mar
Fill Diesel 17-Mar
Add Additive to Diesel 17-Mar
Check water in starter battery 17-Mar
Stow MOM-8 and Lifesling 18-Mar
Stow flags 18-Mar
Reset Solar Charge Controller 18-Mar
Pull Solar Panel fuse 18-Mar
Tie off D400 18-Mar
Oil Screen Hinges 19-Mar
Clean Bilge 19-Mar
Final Rinse of Wetsuits & BCs 19-Mar
Launder towels & Rugs 19-Mar
Final Polish Stainless 19-Mar
Unbend Sails 19-Mar
Meet with yard manager 19-Mar
Fog outboard, drain gas lines & carb 20-Mar
Store Running Rigging 20-Mar
Copies of Boat Papers 20-Mar
Papers, Credit Card Info to Office 20-Mar
Flush heads with fresh water 20-Mar
Remove Davis lift on outboard 20-Mar
Pickle Watermakers 20-Mar
Stow Liferaft 21-Mar
Install Hatch Covers 21-Mar
Remove & clean BBQ grid 21-Mar
Vacuum Lockers 22-Mar
Replace roach tablets 22-Mar
Clean Heads 22-Mar
Change oil in Honda 22-Mar
Drain Honda gas lines & carb, oil cylinder 22-Mar
Food Storage 22-Mar
Pack Suitcases 22-Mar

Close LPG valve 23-Mar
Oil cockpit table and stow 23-Mar
Drain seawater inlets & strainers 23-Mar
Clean shower strainers 23-Mar
Disconnect starter battery 23-Mar
Remove Canvas 23-Mar
Keys to office 24-Mar
Clean Galley 24-Mar
Vacuum 24-Mar
Stow clothing 24-Mar
Lower Dining Table 24-Mar
Empty water tanks 24-Mar
Stand up cushions 24-Mar

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