Friday, January 9, 2015

More Gazing

09 January 2015

More Gazing …

Yesterday we also went “fish” gazing.  We bicycled about  11km (6 miles) to a dive/snorkel site named “Tolo”.   The site is known for its large specimens of soft corals and sponges, in addition to fish.   It has been very windy here the past week, and when we arrived at the dive site, we realized that all the wave action had piled up on the coast where we planned to snorkel.  It was way too rough for us, so we turned around and stopped at Eden Beach resort for lunch and then snorkeled along the dive site named “Front Porch”.  The water was not very clear, lots of sand has been stirred up by the wind and waves, but we saw lots of fish taking shelter from the wave action under a large shelf of rock (the front porch?).   The water was too cloudy for our camera, but here are some web pictures of some of the highlights….

Honeycomb cowfish
Blue Tangs
Spotted drum

Porcupine Fish
smooth trunkfish

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