Sunday, November 3, 2013


It's less than two weeks before we leave for the season, and we are in the middle of our departure ritual.  Making lists - many lists.  What to pack? What work needs to be done on Callisto before we can launch?  Who to contact about our departure?  What to buy in the US before we head for Grenada?  Getting out the suitcases and starting to fill them up.  Printing out all the documents we need for travel arrangements, etc.

We will be spending a week in the Washington, DC, area before heading south, visiting our daughter Esther and her fiance, James Allred.  They will be married next June, and Gretchen wants to participate in some of the wedding preparations, e.g. choosing a wedding gown.  It should be a good visit.  Its also a chance for us to do some online shopping, to be delivered to her apartment so we can pick the goods up while we're there.

The weather in Switzerland has been a mix of a few sunny afternoons scattered among many gray, cold days.  At noon, the sun is so low in the sky it seems like late afternoon.  The longer days and the prospect of sun in the Caribbean seem ever more attractive.  Soon!

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