Saturday, December 22, 2012


We had a very, very long day traveling from Switzerland to Grenada.  We spent the night in a hotel near the airport in Zürich, and set the alarm for 5:00 am to catch a 7:00 am flight.  Three flights later, we arrived at our hotel in Grenada at 10:00 pm.  With the time zone change, that adds up to 22 hours.  But great to be here!

We spent two days buying provisions, unpacking, and generally cleaning up the boat.  Lots and lots of stuff to put away.  Then, on Wednesday, we launched.

We have been at anchor since then, continuing boat chores and provisioning.  We are waiting for some replacement parts for our instruments, so we will be in the area for at least another week and a half.  We are hoping to participate in an event sponsored by the "Hash House Harrier" which is kind of a goofy walk/run/drink event.  You can find out more at  Hopefully, we'll soon have some time for relaxing.

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