Monday, February 7, 2011

What a wonderful part of the world

We spent longer than we had planned on Anguilla, it was a very nice and comfortable place to be.  We moved along to St. Barthelemy, known everywhere as St. Bart's, and have been here for 10 days.  This is also a very cool place to be, a French island with a lot of visiting superyachts, but still quite laid back and friendly to cruisers.  We spent several days in the harbor outside Gustavia, then moved to the St. Bart's Marine Park, first in Anse de Columbie, and then to Ile Fourchue.  These are small bays that have only a few mooring balls installed, and usually not all were even in use at night.  Great snorkeling and excellent hiking on shore.  Ile Fourchue is a prototypical desert island.  There used to be goats there, but they ate every bit of vegetation, including the cactus.  The goat population crashed, and the last few were removed a few years ago.  Vegetation on the island is clearly making a comeback, but it is still an eerie and moon-like scene.

After the Marine Park, we returned to Gustavia to get a weather report and to plan our next passage.  We want to visit Saba, but this can only be done when the weather conditions are favorable.  We ended up staying a couple of extra days in St. Bart's (no hardship!), and are planning to make the 30-mile passage early tomorrow.

We will spend only a couple of nights on Saba (weather permitting).  We have to be in St. Christopher's (St. Kitts) by Saturday to meet our friends Don & Pat.  Not sure yet if we will stop on the island of St. Eustatia first, or go directly to St. Kitts.

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