Friday, January 21, 2011

Wind Generator

We received the generator while in Green Cay Marina in St. Croix, but didn’t have a chance to install it until arriving in St. Martin.  This was a fairly extensive project, requiring about a day and a half to complete.  The least-fun part was routing two heavy wires from the back of the boat to the batteries.  David had to climb into many nooks and crannies to get them where they needed to go.  Raising the mounting pole with the heavy wind generator on top was also a challenge.  Thank goodness for blocks and tackle.

So far we are very satisfied with the performance.  We have made a bit more power than we have used, each day since the installation.  This includes high-energy-use days when we ran the washing machine and water maker.  If we encounter weather with cloudy skies and light winds, we will still have to use the engine for charging, but that should be far less often than previously.

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