Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This will be our last opportunity to make a posting for awhile. We arrived on Tortola on the 21st of December, as scheduled. The marina was surprised we got out of Europe, but Z├╝rich airport is usually able to cope very well with winter weather.

Esther joined us on Wednesday morning and announced that she had work to do, so not to expect her to emerge from her computer until late yesterday. This was a "good thing", as she has been waiting for her "pro bono" assignments to kick in.

We have spent the last few days sorting out the boat (we left her in rather a hurry in November), fresh food provisioning, and of course, cleaning. We also installed our new outboard on the tender, and are waiting for a part so we can stow the motor on board while not in use. We hope to leave today for Norman Island and then will meander east to get to Virgin Gorda for New Year's Eve.

The weather promises to be fantastic, temperatures in the low-mid 80's (30C) in the day, mid-70's at night. Winds promise to be fair as well.

We'll try and get some pictures to put in the next post. Until then, happy holidays. posted by Gretchen

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